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Sports Reconstruction

People who participate in sports, whether they are elite athletes or keen amateurs, are at increased risk of injury and joint damage. It is particularly important to diagnose and treat such injuries promptly and effectively, both to support a speedy return to training and to minimise the chances of recurrent injuries or complications. In young athletes whose bones may still be developing, this is particularly important. We offer a range of highly specialised sports reconstruction surgery for patients with injuries to cartilage, meniscus and ligaments of the knee as well as a specialist kneecap instability service.

Joint Preservation

Our aim is to save your natural joint if we can through non-surgical or surgical techniques. This delays the need for joint replacement surgery, reducing the risks of complications and lowering the chances of needing revision (re-do) joint replacement surgery in the future. For younger people with arthritis or those with complex lower limb issues, we offer specialised realignment surgery as an alternative to joint replacement.

Joint Replacement

If you are experiencing severe joint pain due to arthritis or a traumatic injury, joint replacement surgery is a life-changing procedure that can help you regain your mobility and joint function and reduce or eliminate your pain. Also called arthroplasty, it involves removing some or all of the damaged joint (partial or total joint replacement) and replacing it with a prosthetic implant. We offer the latest knee replacement surgery, helping people to live a full and pain-free life and get back to doing the things they really enjoy.

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